All Gi Class

BJJ tonight. Tuesday are now all gi, which makes me happy. I’ll get at least an hour of gi in before heading over to TKD to teach. Also, they’re talking about restructuring the class schedules to fit in more BJJ (including more gi).

Warmup wasn’t too bad, though I’m still having trouble with squat jumps; too much quad, not enough posterier chain. Then we worked a hip throw, then did live takedowns and then live rolling starting from standing. Usually we start on the ground because most people don’t know takedowns and we don’t want injuries from people who don’t know takedowns trying to do takedowns. I wasn’t having luck on the takedowns, but I think I did alright once we got on the ground.

Worked with a guy on one of the takedown drills who’s probably 180/190lbs, maybe more (still bad with the guessing). And he wasn’t even trying to do anything with me. I told him that he could work, too, and he said that no, he’d just end up using strength, hauling me up by my lapels and slamming me down. So he just let me work. Went with another guy next, and he picked me up by my lapels and slammed me down. Yeah… Had to roll with that guy later, too, and he just sat on me most of the round and hardly did anything.

Rolled with Justin tonight. He was really making me work for everything, even as he was baiting me by purposely setting me up for a particular move. I think I did well, though. Did forget all night to go for submissions; kept focusing on sweeps.

My knuckles are scraped raw from all the gi grabbing tonight.

Training for November tournament update: Third day on the cutting plan. So hungry all day; meals would only satisfy for a hour or so. Also, my meal planning stinks; I’ve been ~150 cals over every day. Even though I was hungry, had enough energy at BJJ to do everything, so for now I’m keeping the calories where they are. I’ll see if I can make it through a week and at this level of training.


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