My little toe :( and a belt test

Saturday BJJ. Me, Adam, and Justin staring at each other, all too tired to even roll. We sat and talked a bit about belts and promotions in BJJ. They said I’ll be Tim’s first female blue belt if I stick around. That’s kinda cool. 🙂

The ranks are white, blue, purple, brown, and black. (The colors of bruises, my dad says.) With fewer ranks and no testing, though, you might be at a certain belt for a year or more. But since I already earned the black belt in TKD, the color of my belt in BJJ isn’t something that I’m focused on; I just want to get better.

After they left, I started playing around with my TKD free form. Perry came over and started showing me some Krav Maga stuff (knife and gun defenses, mostly). One of them involved a sweep. My right pinky toe caught on the mat when I moved my foot. I dropped and grabbed it because it hurt. I actually didn’t realize what I’d done at the time; I only knew that it hurt a lot; I kept working with him for another 30 minutes.

But by then my toe was really hurting, and Perry suggested I might have broken it. So we stopped working and started talking. Perry said he wants me to join the Kickboxing team — as in “competition team.” I tried to point out that I have no experience with that at all. He said he’d watched me at MMA on Thursday and that I was doing really good and that all they’d have to work on is my target areas (more than TKD, less than MMA) and maybe blocking. (And speed. But I mentally added that one.) Classes start next Saturday, he said; be there… What have I gotten myself into? :p

Later that night, that toe and the one next to it were black and blue and swollen and bruised. The top of my foot around them was also bruised and swollen. Meh, yeah, broken toe. Moving the little toe hurts, and so does walking if I’m not careful. So those two toes are taped together, and I’m icing them. Don’t know yet how this will affect BJJ tonight (can I roll with a painful broken toe? It’s a bit more serious than ringworm…)

Oh, and after breaking it, I signed up for Karate College in two weeks. I hope my toe is working again by then…

TKD last night, I conducted my first belt test, for a purple-to-blue belt. Battle, one of the 2nd degree black belts, helped me out, which was good because I kept forgetting details like bowing! 😮

And then I tried to teach Pal Gwe Chil Jung with only one working leg. It’s hard to teach a form with mostly just words and pantomiming what your legs should do.


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