Not fun-ness updated to fun-ness, and NROLFW 3B2

I went to BJJ last night and asked about rolling when I have ringworm. They said it’s fine as long as I keep it covered. Wohoo! Of course, it’s on the side of my elbow, so I have to put tape in a big X around my elbow to hold it in. I look like I have a huge injury on that elbow. But hey, I get to roll!

I wish I could figure out why I like rolling so much. Most people I know think I’m nuts. Even I think I’m nuts sometimes. But I like it.

Anyway, because I’m at tae kwon do Monday & Wednesday nights, I’d missed learning the bump sweep on Monday. They wanted to work a follow-up move to that one, so they had to teach me the bump sweep first. We stuck with the bump sweep most of the night. Then everyone left except for me, Adam, Justin, and one other guy. We rolled round-robin for nearly 2 more hours! =o

Monday, Stage 3, B2
Actually skipped TKD and went home to lift because I wasn’t sure about the ringworm.

  • Pullups: 2.75
  • Deadlift: (1x6x50lb, 1x6x70lbs) 2x6x90lbs, 1x6x100lbs
    • I know, pulllups aren’t in the program yet, and that’s supposed to be RDL+row. Sometimes, I don’t follow directions all that well. And yes, I count fractions of pullups :). Form wasn’t fabulous on the 100-lb DL (but, ha, triple digits!), though.
  • Pullups: 2.5
  • Bent-over row: (1x6x20lbs) 3x6x40lbs
  • Pistol squats: 3×6
    • Same problem with form on the DL and BoR: upper back trying to round.
  • Pullups: 2×25

And I stopped. Wasn’t motivated to work out, really, because I was already dreading not being able to roll. (But now I know I can, so I have no excuse next week!)

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