A thinking post

Me thinking out loud… I’m no good with this time management stuff. I need a schedule that fits together and then I can just go — but putting it together is where I have the problem. Right now, “just go” is work + BJJ + sleep. I know I’m just being a wimp about not including lifting and HIIT (both of which I need for BJJ), but there doesn’t seem to be any time. I know I need to just suck it up and add them both and do tired BJJ for a week or so until I adjust. Lifting/HIIT after BJJ doesn’t work because I’m too tired; before would be great, but there’s nowhere to do it (home is too far)… Hmm, I wonder if the campus gym is open right now. If it is, I can pop over there for a lifting session (although I probably can’t do some of my fun lifts so maybe a modified NROLFW) before class. And once TKD starts, I could lift before that class, which is even more convenient because the gym is next the TKD room. And I can get some HIIT in here at work (research park = lotsa trails). Hey, good idea! Glad I thought of it.

BJJ continues to be fun. Tim and the guys keep telling me I’m doing good. Adam commented last week, on my 1-month anniversary in the school, that I’ll probably make it as the longest-running female in the school. Sweetness. (The other two girls who were training with us have both quit by now. Sadness.) And the guys are still teaching me new stuff after class. I’ll actually be a bit sad when TKD starts and I have to drop two BJJ classes a week.

Food is still an issue. I’m not tracking still (lazy!), so I don’t know if I’m over- or undereating. Probably still under, since I’m still hungry. And this weekend I spent at my best friend’s, and as usual that was either no food or junk food. So, this week, food goal: track again. One thing at a time…

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