A catch-up and retracing post

New Rules of Lifting for Women made me feel strong with squats, deadlifts, and pullups. But I wanted to mix in something different, just for fun. My friend Frank from TKD came back in town to do a self-defense seminar with the club in March. After the participants left, we played with throws and BJJ. I decided that night that I wanted to give BJJ a try, to see if it was really fun or if it was just fun with my friends.

I thought when I started BJJ that it would be like TKD — I’d go, learn some stuff, yippee, and life would go on. I’d focus on lifting and do BJJ as a little break. So that’s what I tried to do for the first month. I continued doing NROLFW and didn’t really note anything about my BJJ classes.

But if you’ve ever done BJJ, you know it doesn’t work like that. It gets in to you, and then you have to do it. And you can’t explain it coherently. You’re an addict. Before too long, I’d dropped NROLFW because I was always rolling. There were a few months of no posting about BJJ, a few months of dabbling (as I alternated with the summer TKD schedule), and then an explosion. When I finally realized that BJJ had taken over my life and that I only want to do BJJ, I broke off the BJJ posts to their own blog. So there’s the backstory and the beginning.

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