Easy rolling? Not!

So last night at BJJ, I thought we were rolling kinda light (which I didn’t mind because I needed a break). I could still breathe and walk after class… This morning, that tractor ran over me again! Guess it wasn’t as light as I thought. (Then again, I was working with Scott, a 170-ish-lb guy, most of the night. And Monday night was rough.)

Last night was the last TKD class for the semester. We start summer session classes in about 2 weeks. Then I’ll get at least 2 nights/week off from BJJ (but will add a second class (gi) on Tuesday, a Saturday class, and maybe even the MMA class on Thursdays). Until then, though, it’s still 4 nights/week. So no lifting this week, but I’ll probably start Stage 3 over again next week. I need lifting for BJJ. And I need HIIT. Meh.

BJJ is a lot of hip work. So in some of the positions, I’ve been concentrating on my “deadlift muscles” to pull me through some of the moves (like posturing up). A couple of times, I’ve lifted the guy straight off the mat! That gets me a “Geez, you’re strong!” and then a good thumping. Doh. 🙂 Need to work on activating my glutes/hamstrings more, though; I get it in posturing up, but not so much when I’m shrimping or otherwise moving my hips around.

And I think I’m undereating for my new (and growing) activity level. I haven’t really been tracking just because I’m bored with it right now, but I’ve been getting hungry about 1 hour after a meal. I eat as much as I can at each meal/snack (as in, as much as my tummy will take, then wait a few minutes and eat again), but I’m still getting hungry. I’m trying for higher-calorie foods so I don’t have to eat as much volume of food, but I think I might still be underestimating. Does this mean I have to track again? Darn.

*insert tummy growl* Yeah, that’s not even an hour after, and I’m seriously hungry again, when at lunch I thought I was going to be sick from eating all that food. WTH?? Just hook a protein shake IV up?

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